Writing Solutions for Business

Are you a Web Designer? Real Estate Agent?
Graphic Artist? Hair Dresser?
 Business Coach? Health Care Practitioner?

Are you a Writer?

Most real estate agents would never dream of doing their own graphic design, and most graphic artists don’t cut their own hair. We all have expertise in our own fields, and we hire specialists when we want a job done well. Why then, would you spend your valuable time doing your own writing?

Writing takes a lot of time and energy—and while you might be able to write your own stuff, are you highlighting your business in the best way possible? Are you showing off your best you? Could you be doing something else?

Working directly with you, your team, or your web designer, I offer competitive rates at a fraction of the cost of a commercial marketing firm. I can handle all your content and copywriting needs, providing strategic content for websites, brochures, email newsletters, direct mail, press releases, advertorials, annual reports, and video scripts

I have over 15 years of marketing experience and have been professionally writing and editing since 1986. I work with a wide variety of industriesboth B2B and B2Cincluding technology, health care, cosmetics, education, aerospace, literacy, travel, and the non-profit sector. Clients (past and present) include The Travel Corporation, Jewish Federation & Family Services, Alpert Jewish Community Center, Weaver Elementary School, AAA Landscape Design, Pacific Crest Financial Services, Salons on the Boulevard, KIPP Intelligence, Omni Capital Solutions, and business professionals who want to step up their game.

Do you need content writing or copywriting? What’s the difference? Here’s a great article that sums it up.

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