Coaching Gets Results

Writing Mentor and Accountability Coach
Is there a writer inside you afraid to come out? Have you been working on the same project forever? Are you halfway through your masterpiece and stuck on where to go next? Is your dissertation almost, but not quite there (I feel your pain)?

Are you looking for someone to inspire you to the next step?
Join me for a coaching session! Designed to be encouraging and offer practical ways to get you to the next step, coaching is a great way to help you on your writing journey. Whether you want to write the next great novel or memoirs for your grandkids, having an accountability coach can make all the difference. I’ll work with you at whatever stage you are, from brainstorming to helping clarify your chapters, to sending off to publishers. We work as a team to accomplish your dream!

Personality match guarantee. Phone sessions or in person. Pricing depends on package. 

Not sure about accountability coaching? This article might help.

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